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IRG specializes in the manufacture and supply of locomotive components for maintenance and repair facilities. If you can supply us with the part number, an actual part, or a part drawing, and quantity, we can provide a complete quotation including lead-time and pricing. Please complete our quote request form.  In cases where the part number is not known, we can identify the part from a sample.  In many cases, we can also provide some detail and assembly drawings based on reverse engineering for parts that are no longer supported by the OEM.

The following represents a partial listing of the types of components commonly supplied by IRG.  Please send us your exact requirements.

If you know the part number, email or fax your requirement to IRG now ...



Traction Motor Gear Cases Traction Motor Support Bearings
Traction Motor Axle Dust Guards Traction Motor Insulation Kits 
Alternator Insulation Kits Alternator Pole Collars
Generator Insulation Kits Dynamic Braking Resistors
Box Grid Resistors (Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. Style) Radial Grid Resistors (Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. Style)
Dash 7 Grid Resistors (GE Style) Dash 8 Grid Resistors (GE Style)
Carbon Brushes Engine Valves
Circuit Breakers Filters
Contactors, Contacts, & Kits Electrical Switches
Locomotive Cables, Leads, & Wire Snubbers
Brake Shoes & Air Brake Parts Commutators
Thyristors, SCRs & Rectifiers Springs
Pinions and Gears Brushholders
Pistons & Piston Rings Power Packs
Cylinder Heads & Cylinder Liners Crankshafts & Camshafts
Connecting Rods & Wrist Pins Fuses & Switchgear
Oil Coolers & Radiators Fuel Injectors & Parts
Gaskets & Seals Bearings & Bearing Housings
Hoses & Couplings Headlight & Lamp Bulbs
Valves, Guides, & Inserts Turbochargers & Parts

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Piston Components
OEM spare parts for Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. and GE units...

Rectifier Components
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Parts for Traction
Motor Repair
Complete repair kits for traction motor repair...

OEM Spare Parts
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