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IRG Power Systems provides component solutions for the repair of power generation equipment including:

  • Fossil Fueled Power Generators
  • Hydro Power Generators
  • Nuclear Fueled Power Generators

IRG handles a complete line of OEM component parts for electrical power systems equipment.   Many customers purchase our OEM components in conjunction with our manufactured parts such as machined parts, castings and electrical insulation materials in order to receive complete kits for their end product assembly or repair operations.

In generator repair situations, the most commonly required spare parts include insulation components.    IRG can supply individual components or complete repair kits for generator repair.  As an independent source for insulation components, IRG has the ability to supply insulation materials for all makes, models, and manufacturers of power generators.   

Stator Insulation Products

  • Tapered and Flat Wedges
  • Filler Materials
  • Top & Side Ripple Spring
  • Treated and Untreated Felt
  • Tie Straps
  • Axial Supports
  • Binding Bands
  • Fiberglass Caps
  • Paints, Epoxies, and Potting Compounds

Rotor Insulation Products

  • Slot Cells
  • Sub-slot Insulation
  • Coil Turn-to-Turn Insulation
  • Coil Blocking
  • Retaining Ring Insulation
  • Main Lead Insulation
  • Washers and Bushings
  • Creepage Block or Top Filler
  • Temporary Blocking
  • Paints, Epoxies, and Tapes
  • Magnetic Wedges

Hydro Rotor Pole Insulation Products

  • Pole Collars
  • Coil Turn-to-Turn Insulation
  • Side Pack
  • Groundwall Insulation
  • Rotor Pole Ramps
  • End Blocks
  • B-Stage Felt Pieces
  • Spacer Blocks

Misc. Generator Insulation Components

  • Bearing Insulation
  • Hydrogen Seal Casing
  • Bushing Box Insulation
  • Bolt Insulators
  • End Winding Support Insulation
  • Transformer & Switchgear Insulation

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