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IRG supplies a wide range of spare parts for switchgear equipment including:

  • Medium & High Voltage Circuit Breaker Switchgear
  • Pad Mounted (Live & Dead Front) Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Metal Clad Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Motor Control Switchgear
  • Metering Equipment

From OEM Switchgear Components for maintenance and repair of switchgear equipment to custom fabricated bus bar, insulation components, and switching assemblies, IRG can provide solutions to switchgear component sourcing requirements.

We supply a complete line of OEM components for a wide range of switchgear designs.   Often times, our customers purchase OEM components along with our manufactured insulating components for their switchgear manufacturing and repair requirements.   These components and spare parts can be supplied individually or in complete kits for a particular type of switchgear.

OEM Switchgear Components

Arc Quenchers Auxiliary Switches Baffles
Bell Alarms Bushings Coils - Trip, Closing
Contacts Elevating Mechanisms Fuse Supports
Interrupters Arc Chutes Primary Disconnects
Relays Shunt Trips Secondary Disconnects
Springs Trip Devices Coils
Secondary Arrestors Contact Rods Fuses
Current Limiting Fuses Fuse Links Gaskets
O-Rings Oil Cutouts Pullout Fuse Blocks
Bearings  Bushings Cables
Gears  Motors Position Indicators
Switches Terminal Boards Power Supplies
SCR's Thyristors Transformer Relays  

If you know the part number required, please complete a quote request form for a complete quotation.





Metal Clad Switchgear
From phase barriers to copper bus bar material ...

Circuit Breaker Components
From stand-off insulators 
to arc chute

Cutout Fuse
From raw materials to components to assemblies for cutout applications ...


Custom Machined Insulation Components
All insulating materials for switchgear applications ...