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IRG supplies a wide range of spare parts for transformer equipment including:

  • Electronic Transformers
  • Low and Medium Voltage Oil Filled Distribution Transformers
  • Low and Medium Voltage Dry Type Distribution Transformers
  • Medium and Large Voltage Oil Filled Power Transformers

For years, our companies have been both suppliers to and/or customers of transformer manufacturers including GE, ABB, Westinghouse, Kuhlman, Smit, North American, and Waukesha among others.

We supply a complete line of OEM components for a wide range of transformer designs.   Often times, our customers purchase OEM components along with our manufactured insulating components for their transformer manufacturing and repair requirements.   These components and spare parts can be supplied individually or in complete kits for a particular transformer.

OEM Transformer Components

Surge Arrestors Connectors NLTC Tap Changers
LTC Tap Changers Tap Changer Parts Single Phase Tap Switch
Dual Voltage Switches HV Air Switches Circuit Breakers
Expulsion Fuses Fuse Terminal Boards Bayonet Fuses
Current Limiting Fuses Dry Well Fuse Holders Primary Bushings
Secondary Bushings Gauges Gaskets
Molded Rubber Splices Copper Current Path Bushings w/ Spades
Stand-off Insulators Interrupters Lead Conduit
Oil Flow Valves Indicators Lead Sleeving


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Power Transformer Components
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