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In addition to OEM Components for transformers, IRG also supplies a complete line of insulating spare parts and insulation raw materials for both transformer OEM's and repair companies.

Insulating Components

Core Insulation Layer Insulation Spacer Sticks
Radial Spacers Lead Termination Insulation Insulating Tapes
Barriers Terminal Boards Tap Changer Parts
Pressure Plates Pressure Collars Insulating Nuts
Insulating Bolts Bolt Insulation Coil Supports
Cable & Lead Clamps Insulating Angles Insulating Channels
Stand-off Insulators Fuse Boards Bus Supports
Winding Combs Fuse Body Insulation Lead Conduit Tubes
Micarta Boards Pressboard Parts Tap Changer Tubes

If you know the part required, please complete a quote request form for a complete quotation.   Typically, a drawing will be required.   If you do not have a drawing, we can send you a sample drawing for you to complete or you can send us samples to duplicate.

Insulating Materials
Rigid Laminates

  • Glass Polyester Laminate, NEMA Grades GPO-1, GPO-2, & GPO-3
  • High Temperature Traction Motor Wedge Material, Grade EMD
  • High Temperature Glass Polyester HST-II & SG-200
  • Canvas Phenolic NEMA Grades C & CE
  • Paper Phenolic Low Power Factor Laminate
  • Arboron Paper Phenolic Laminate
  • Glass Silicone NEMA Grade G-7
  • Glass Melamine NEMA Grades G-5 and G-9
  • Glass Epoxy NEMA Grades G-10, FR4, and G-11
  • Glass Polyimide Grade G-30
  • Vulcanized Fibre Materials
  • Durex Hardboard
  • Kraft Pressboard Materials
  • Nomex Pressboard Materials

Flexible Laminates

  • Nomex 410 Aramid Paper
  • Epoxy Coated Nomex Aramid Paper
  • Epoxy Coated Fibreglass - Acme 517
  • Mylar & Melinex Polyester Film
  • Dacron / Mylar / Dacron
  • Nomex / Mylar / Nomex
  • Copaco 100% Rag Paper
  • Rag / Mylar & Rag / Mylar / Rag
  • Vulcanized Fibre Materials
  • Kapton Film
  • Insulating Tapes - 3M, tesa, Permacel

Power Transformer Components
From tap changers and valves to insulating materials ...

Distribution Transformer Components
From connectors and bushing to fault indicators and fuses

Tap Changer Components
Complete insulation solutions for tap changer applications...

Custom Machined Insulation Components
Custom machined insulation components...