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International Resources Group is the parent company to the IRG Power Systems Division operating unit.   

IRG was borne from the relationship between Bussmann Manufacturing's effort to serve its international customers with procurement services for the materials, components, and equipment necessary to manufacture electrical fuses.   From the beginning, IRG has supplied fuse element zinc alloy, fuse body insulation tubing, fuse manufacturing equipment, and related materials to fuse manufacturers.

Today, IRG acts as a U.S. based purchasing office for companies looking to efficiently procure products in the United States.   IRG focuses entirely and completely on the electrical industry allowing our staff to be knowledgeable about both our customer's equipment applications and the common material and component requirements for manufacturing that equipment.

IRG's customers include manufacturers of power transformers, distribution transformers, electric motors, switchgear, bus duct systems, watt hour meters, electrical fuses, locomotives, generator sets, and many other companies focused on the electrical industry.

In addition, IRG works with a number of companies that are distributors of electrical equipment and components in their country.  IRG assists these distributors in obtaining product lines that they may not be able to purchase competitively in their own country.  

Many large corporations headquartered outside the United States maintain a procurement office in the U.S. in order to obtain the latest technology at the best possible cost.   IRG offers that same service to small and mid-size companies that cannot justify the expense of their own procurement offices in the United States.   In fact, a few of our large customers uses IRG's procurement services in addition to having their own U.S. based purchasing office.   Still other customers have closed their U.S. offices after outsourcing the function to IRG's staff.

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International Resources Group is a member of a group of companies that are all related to the manufacturing of electrical components for power system components.

Member companies include:

The Gund Company

Generator Products Intl.

Component Resource Group

MM&M Electrical Supply

Clarence Machine Company

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