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Incorporated in 1994 with roots dating to the 1930's, the IRG Power Systems Division of International Resources Group started as the international trading arm for The Gund Company and its group of related electrical component manufacturing companies.  

As a third generation family business, The Gund Company and its affiliates are all owned and operated by members of the Gund family.   Our family history is deeply rooted in the electrical industry.

Our family's history and experience in the electrical industry began in the early 1900's as the Bussmann brothers started wiring residential and commercial buildings for the technological innovation of the day: electricity.  

As electrical fires soon became an increasingly persistent problem due to line surges commonly caused by lightning, the need for electrical fuses became a critical safety issue for buildings wired for electricity.   The Bussmann brothers began manufacturing of electrical fuses to bring safe electrical power to the industry.

The IRG principals are direct descendents of the Bussmann brothers that founded Bussmann Manufacturing, the world's largest fuse manufacturer.  Now a subsidiary of Cooper Industries, Bussmann continues to be the leader in the manufacturing of electrical fuses throughout the world.  This family heritage has tied our business to the electrical industry since the early 1900's.   In fact, a few of our trading partner relationships date back to the 1930's.   These early international relationships were necessitated by the ever expanding capacity requirements needed to produce fuses for the World War II buildup.

In fact, IRG's relationship with Clarence Machine Company has been based on the fact that Clarence Machine was originally the production equipment R&D department of Bussmann Manufacturing.    Clarence's experience with both manufacturing fuses and engineering fuse production equipment has provided IRG with a unique insight into the materials, components, and production equipment required to produce electrical fuses.

Throughout the years, the Bussmann and Gund families invested in business related to the electrical industry in part to guarantee the supply of critical components to their fuse manufacturing operation and in part to leverage their knowledge of the electrical industry and its needs.   These businesses included the manufacture of porcelain insulators, the manufacture of custom production equipment, the fabrication of electrical insulation materials, the marketing of electrical sleeving for wires, and the marketing of electrical power systems components.

IRG Power Systems is a women owned company providing sourcing solutions for government contractual obligations.

Today, IRG Power Systems is owned by Stacy and Kathleen Gund and qualifies as a woman owned company.  Our group of companies supply a wide range of electrical materials, components, and equipment to the electrical industry throughout the world.  We look forward to serving your company's requirements with our knowledge, experience, and engineering expertise.

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