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Many applications in electrical equipment require the use of aluminum bronze or brass castings. Typical casting applications in electrical equipment include bus bar contacts, cable and lead terminals, connection ferrules, and trunnion and hook castings for distribution cut out switches. With our engineering capability, we can help your company choose the proper casting technique for the application, as well as the proper alloy for the component.

IRG’s casting capabilities include: 

  • Permanent Molding
  • Shell Molding
  • Sand Casting
  • Vacuum Die Casting

The development of new casting components does require a significant investment in time and engineering. Typical lead time for new tooling runs about 12-14 weeks. Of course, the design stage of the casting development cycle can take much longer depending on how many design changes must be made from the original casting or original casting design. IRG supplies our customers material certifications and laboratory reports for every shipment of copper alloy material to insure that the alloy meets or exceeds specification.

Available cast alloys include the following:

Metal Alloys
Cast Iron A48 (Class 25)
Stainless Steels A352, 743, 744 
High Conductivity Copper CDA C81100
High Strength Yellow Brass CDA C86500
Silicon Bronze & Silicon Brass CDA C87500, CDA C87600
Aluminum Bronze CDA C95300, CDA C95400, CDA C95500, CDA C95800

If you have a specific requirement for a cast part, please fax us a drawing or email us the CAD file for an immediate review by our engineering staff.


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