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Copper Alloy Strip, Coil, & Bar

When it comes to high conductivity applications in the electrical and electronics industry, few materials can offer the advantages of copper alloys.   IRG has engineered the use of several high conductivity copper alloys in a range of electrical power system equipment applications.  IRG can assist our customers in specifying the appropriate alloy for the application as well as the most cost effective size and form.

If you currently use copper alloy strip, coil, or bar for your electrical application, consider an alloy review to see whether a more cost effective option may exist for your application.

IRG supplies the following alloys:

Copper Alloys
Bar, Rod, Extruded Shapes, Strip, Coil

UNS Number Nominal Comp. Conductivity, % IACS ASTM Spec.
C-11000 99.90% Copper 100% B-187
C-10200 99.95% Copper 101% B-187
C-10700 99.95% Copper w/ 25 troy oz per ton silver 100% B-187
C-11300 99.90% Copper w/ 8 troy oz per ton silver 100% B-187
C-11400 99.90% Copper w/ 10 troy oz per ton silver 100% B-187
C-11600 99.90% Copper w/ 25 troy oz per ton silver 100% B-187
C-12220 99.90% Copper w/ .040 - .065 phosphor 98% NA
C-14700 99.90% Copper w/ .20 - .50 sulfur 95% B-301
C-18200 Copper w/ .6 - .12 chromium 80% NA

IRG also supplies a range of CDA 200 series copper alloys.


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