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IRG handles a wide range of components for power systems equipment applications.   Our engineering experience allows us to understand our customer's particular application.  With basic application information, IRG can help a customer specify the particular component requirement.   

For customer's presently specifying a particular component, IRG can review existing specifications in search of lower cost alternatives.   

A partial list of items commonly handled by IRG includes:

Adapters Arrestors Batteries
Busway Bushings Busbar
Cable Capacitors Circuit Breakers
Clamps Connectors Contactors
Control Relays Convertors Cutouts
Elbows Fittings Fuses
Fuse Blocks Insulators Isolation Transformers
Limit Switches Lugs Motors
Nuts & Bolts Overcurrent Protection Modules Panelboards
Phase Convertors Power Supplies Pumps
Raceway Receptacles Relays
Sleeving (Heat Shrink) Sockets Splice Kits
Starters Static Convertors Surge Protectors
Switches Switchboards Tape
Terminals Thermostats Timers
Transformers Voltage Detectors Volt Meters

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