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Over the years, International Resources Group has set up many production manufacturing lines for our customers. The experience of researching, specifying, engineering, and tooling production lines has given our staff a significant knowledge base for production manufacturing equipment. IRG can certainly help our customers research the world market for the best alternatives when choosing production manufacturing equipment. 

A partial list of the equipment we have specialized in over the years includes: 

Custom Fuse Manufacturing Equipment
Custom Dry Process Ceramic Pressing & Processing Equipment
Threading and Slotting Machines 
Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines 
Labeling Equipment 
Packaging Equipment 
Composite Manufacturing Equipment 
Plastics Molding Equipment 
Oven and Heat Treating Equipment 
Induction Heating/Melting Equipment 
Full Line of Previously Used Machinery 
Machinery Repair / Rebuilding Services

If you have a specific requirement for production equipment, IRG can certainly assist your company with the market research, specification, and procurement of this equipment.