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IRG's focus on the electrical industry allows us to offer our customers a wide range of engineering services from material and component specification assistance to design market research to international patent searches.

Our most common engineering services involve assisting customers with their raw material and component specifications.    In some cases, a customer may have specified a certain material that cannot be obtained in the time period or cost structure required for the project.   IRG can assist the customer in engineering and obtaining equivalent options to the material specified in order to provide alternatives with better lead-times and lower costs.

Other engineering services include:

  • Electrical Industry Patent Searches
  • Electrical Industry Market Research
  • Component Design & Engineering
  • Component Cost Reduction Reviews
  • Raw Material Cost Reduction Reviews

Some examples of our engineering services include:

Example - Raw Material Specifications

One customer had been attempting to manufacture a line of low voltage fuses for several years.   Their efforts continually stumbled over the proper material for the fuse body.   The material in question had to possess several critical properties such as the ability to quench an electric arc while maintaining its flame retardency.   In addition, the material had to meet strict ANSI and NEMA standards.    In the end, IRG was able obtain the needed material.  As the project expanded, IRG was also able to specify the proper zinc element alloy as well as the proper high conductivity fuse caps.

Example - Component Specifications

A customer in Venezuela needed to manufacture a transformer with a special type of overload switch with a external lamp fault indicator.   This fault indicator had to meet the design specifications for the transformer.   Though the transformer manufacturer had wanted to design a custom fault indicator, IRG was able to obtain a specialty fault indicator that had been designed by a U.S. manufacturer.    The IRG indicator allowed the problem to be solved and the parts to be supplied in a matter of weeks instead of a matter of months.  In addition, the cost of our specialty indicator was much less than a custom designed indicator produced in very small volume.   In the end, the customer received both a low cost alternative and a very short lead-time for delivery.




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