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Some further examples of our engineering services include:

Example - Component Cost Reduction

A customer had been been purchasing small (< .5 lbs.) red brass sand castings in the United States from a foundry that specialized in large valves and pump housings (> 25 lbs.).   Though the foundry did its best to meet our customers requirements, the reality was that the foundry did not have the expertise to make the small, intricate current conducting parts with tight tolerances.   

IRG was able to move the castings to a shell molding process designed specifically for holding tight tolerances in small castings.    The result was a stronger casting at a lower cost with improved quality.

Example - OEM Component Cost Reduction

A customer in Mexico had been purchasing an electronic transformer from a European supplier specified by the parent company in France.   Due to the long lead-times from Europe, our customer asked IRG to obtain these transformers for them from Europe.  Instead of just trying to obtain the same transformer from the same unresponsive European manufacturer, IRG decided to obtain a U.S. made equivalent.   

After reviewing the technical specifications, IRG was able to offer an equivalent transformer.   Upon approval from our customer's engineering team, IRG was able to offer an equivalent transformer at a reduction in cost of over 15% while improving the lead-time from 14 weeks to 3 weeks.

Example - Technology Market Research 

A customer had approached IRG about selling their products in the U.S. market.  In order to help our customer learn about the U.S. market and technical standards, IRG completed a complete market research study including a review of technical standards, existing patents of competing manufactures, pricing at both the distributor and end user levels, and a list of potential partners.

Eventually, our customer used IRG's engineering services to help modify their design to meet U.S. standards.   As a result of these efforts, it is estimated that this customer has approximately 10% of the U.S. market.


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