Motor Market

IRG Power Systems handles a complete line of spare parts for rotating equipment including electric motors.   For years, we have have been both suppliers to and customers of motor manufacturers including GE, TECO, Westinghouse, Siemens, Baldor, Marathon, Lincoln, Kato, Leroy Somair, and Emerson among others.

We supply a complete line of OEM components for a wide range of electric motors.   Often times, our customers purchase OEM components along with our manufactured insulating components for their motor manufacturing and repair requirements.   These components and spare parts can be supplied individually or in complete kits for a particular motor.

OEM Motor Components

Air Deflectors Armatures Armature Fans
BTD's Baffles Sleeve Bearings
Ball Bearings Bearing Caps Brushes
Brush Covers Brushholders Brushholder Springs
Brush Riggings Brush Studs "C" Face Kits
Collector Ring Assbly. Commutators Conduit Boxes
Couplings End Shields Commutator Coils / Poles
Fans Field Coils Gaskets / Seals
Pole Pieces RTD's Rectifiers
Regulators Shafts Sight Gauges
Surge Protectors Switches Term Screws
Insulation Kits Stators Bearing Cartridges
Stator Coils Rotor End Rings Tachometers

In addition to OEM Components for motors, IRG Power Systems also supplies a complete line of insulating spare parts and insulation raw materials for both motor OEM's and repair companies.

Insulating Components

Stator Wedges Rotor Wedges Armature Wedges
Formed Slot Wedges Formed Slot Liners Magnetic Wedges
Rotor Pole Collars Coil Turn Insulation Top Filler Strips
Side Filler Strips Coil Blocks Lead Blocks
Bearing Insulation Shaft Insulation Collector Ring Insulation
Insulation Sleeving Insulating Tubing Washers & Bushings
Temporary Blocking Coupling Insulation Field Coil Insulation
End Winding Insulation Brushholder Rings Brushholder Yokes

Insulating Materials

Rigid Laminates

  • Glass Polyester Laminate, NEMA Grades GPO-1, GPO-2, & GPO-3
  • High Temperature Traction Motor Wedge Material, Grade EMD
  • High Temperature Glass Polyester HST-II & SG-200
  • Canvas Phenolic NEMA Grades C & CE
  • Low Shrink Black Canvas Phenolic (GE Spec'd Wedges Material)
  • Glass Silicone NEMA Grade G-7
  • Glass Melamine NEMA Grades G-5 and G-9
  • Glass Epoxy NEMA Grades G-10, FR4, and G-11
  • Glass Polyimide Grade G-30
  • Glass Epoxy Magnetic Wedge Material
  • Semi-Conductive Laminate Grade C-109 & G11SC
  • Semi-Conductive Laminate Ripple Spring

Flexible Laminates

  • Nomex 410 Aramid Paper
  • Epoxy Coated Nomex Aramid Paper
  • Epoxy Coated Fibreglass - Acme 517
  • Mylar & Melinex Polyester Film
  • Dacron / Mylar / Dacron
  • Nomex / Mylar / Nomex
  • Copaco 100% Rag Paper
  • Rag / Mylar & Rag / Mylar / Rag
  • Vulcanized Fibre Materials
  • Kapton Film

If you can supply us the part number, an actual part, or a drawing and quantity, we can provide a complete quotation including lead-time and pricing. Please complete a request a quote form to receive your immediate quotation. That’s all you need to get started!