Zinc Alloy Strip & Coil

IRG Power Systems offers a range of zinc alloys primarily for fuse element applications and corrosion resistant electrical contact applications. Most people realize that zinc is the element material of choice for electrical fuses due to its excellent electrical conductivity and its relatively low melting temperature. Zinc has the electrical conductivity equal to 70/30 brass.


In addition, zinc offers excellent formability. It is also easily soldered to itself and other materials. It can be readily joined as well by resistance welding and other assembly methods. Zinc is non-magnetic. Also, zinc is resistant to weather and atmospheric corrosion making it well known for galvanizing steel.


Lastly, solid zinc strip results in cost savings of 25 - 45% over brass and copper alloys. It will yield 18 - 25% more parts per pound. If you have an application that may be a candidate for zinc strip, please contact IRG Power Systems for a review of your requirements.

IRG Power Systems supplies the following alloys:

Zinc Alloys
Strip & Coil

Alloy Nominal Comp. Common Application Rockwell Hardness
Alloy 190 Lead .005 Max, Iron .010 Max, Cadmium
.005 Max, Copper 0.7 to 0.9, Zinc Balance
Cable Wrap, EMI-RFI Shielding 59 to 69
Alloy 304 Proprietary Low Voltage Fuse Element Alloy (Proprietary
56 to 68
Alloy 720 Lead .005 Max, Iron .010 Max, Cadmium
.005 Max, Copper 0.5 to 0.7, Zinc Balance
Low amperage electrical conductor and
connector applications.
56 to 68
Alloy 750 Lead .010 Max, Iron .010 Max, Cadmium
.005 Max, Copper 0.5 to 0.7, Titanium .12 to .18, Zinc Balance
Automotive fuses, low voltage
terminals, bussbar.
60 to 72

If you have a specific cast requirement, please do not hesitate to fax a drawing, or email a CAD file for our review and quotation. Simply complete the request a quote form for an immediate review by our engineering staff. That's all you need to get started!