Electrical Insulation Material

IRG Power Systems can offer the shortest lead-time in the industry for electrical insulation raw materials and finished products. Our knowledge of the world market for insulation materials as well as the specific material specification standards used around the world, allows us to access the specific materials required by our customers.

Rigid Laminates Sheet, Rod, and Tube

  • Canvas Based Phenolic Laminate, NEMA Grade LE and CE
  • Paper Based Phenolic Laminate, NEMA Grade XX and XXX
  • Glass Melamine Laminate, NEMA Grade G-5 and G-9
  • Glass Silicone Laminate, NEMA Grade G-7
  • Glass Epoxy Laminate, NEMA Grade G-10 and G-11
  • Cogetherm Mica Based Laminate
  • Mica Epoxy Laminate
  • NAD-11 High Temperature Cement Board
  • Transite HT High Temperature Cement Board
  • ARBORON (High Arc Resistant Panel Board)
  • Many Specialty Grades of above Laminates available

Glass Polyester Products

  • Glass Polyester Sheet, NEMA Grade GPO-1, GPO-2, and GPO-3
  • Glass Polyester Channels and Angles, NEMA Grade GPO-3
  • Glass Polyester Stand-off Insulators
  • Glass Polyester Rods, Dogbones, and Specialty Shapes
  • Specialty Glass Polyester Grade DGM
  • Specialty Glass Polyester Grades HST-II and SG-200
  • Specialty Glass Polyester Grade 1130

Flexible Laminates and Films

  • Diamond Coated Kraft Paper
  • Vulcanized Fibre Sheets, Rods, and Tubes
  • Kraft Pressboard Products
  • COPACO Rag Paper
  • Quin-T Family of Flexible Laminates
  • Melinex Polyester Film
  • Mylar Polyester Film
  • Dacron / Mylar / Dacron
  • Kapton Polyimide Film
  • Rag Mylar and Rag / Mylar / Rag
  • A Complete Line of Insulating Tape Products

If you have a specific electrical insulation material requirement, please do not hesitate to fax a drawing, or email a CAD file for our review and quotation. Simply complete the request a quote form for an immediate review by our engineering staff. Thats all you need to get started!